Why Granite?

  • Granite SamplesBeautiful natural depth and character
  • Unique in that no two pieces are exactly alike creating a variety of natural colors and patterns
  • Resistant to damage by heat, such as hot pans or cigarettes
  • Resistant to damage by cutting or scratching
  • Resistant to damage by chemicals
  • Resistant to moisture damage
  • Durable and won't melt or bubble
  • Next to rubies, diamonds, and sapphires it is the hardest natural product on earth
  • Adds value to your house
  • Will not depreciate with time
  • Versatile in that it works well with many decorating styles
  • Multi-functual in that it works well in a variety of uses such as countertops, fireplaces, flooring, tub decks, shower walls and floors, outdoor flooring, furniture tops, and wall tiles
  • Safe for use in all areas of the home
  • Minimal care by cleaning with a mild cleaner and water

What is the advantage of granite over travertines, limestones, and marble?

  • Granite is more durable and resistant to stain because it is an igneous stone made from heat and pressure in the earth.
  • Travertines, limestones, and marbles are sedimentary and made by minerals being deposited out of a liquid form, making them more porous than granite.
  • Travertines, limestones, and marbles require more care than granite

What is the advantage of granite over plastic laminate?

  • Man-made surfaces cannot match the natural depth and character of granite surfaces with their high gloss polish, brilliant colors, unique patterns, and reflectivity of crystals
  • Plastic laminates are not resistant to heat, cutting, scratching and chemicals
  • Plastic laminates can damage easily and may need to be replaced


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