Granite Edges & Finishes


Polished:   Granite is polished with circular polishing heads to create a shiny, mirror-like surface which makes it more durable.

Honed: Granite is polished with circular polishing heads, stopping before the final polishing steps, to create a matte, satin-like surface which results in a less durable but more desirable finish than polish in some circumstances (e.g. showers floors for less slippage).

Flamed: Granite is conveyed down a line where it is subjected to a torch flame of extremely high heat and then immediately subjected to a water spray which causes the stone crystals to pop and fracture, giving a very unique finish to the stone.


The straight edge profile is complementary. All other edge profiles are offered as an upgrade item.


Eased Edge Demi Bullnose Edge Full Bullnose Edge
EasedDemi-BullnoseFull Bullnose
Bevel Ogee Triple Waterfall
BevelOgeeTriple Waterfall